Joy in the Morning by P G Wodehouse

To my great shame I have, because of ignorance, tended to dismiss Wodehouse as somehow light and fluffy. I suppose I can defend myself by pointing to the various TV and radio adaptations, which tend to focus on the slapstick and present Bertie Wooster as a bit of an airhead. Which he is, but in a very ironic and sophisticated way.

Anyway, this is a  hilarious and wonderful book. The plot is not all that relevant, though it involves country houses and absurdly posh people. The great pleasure of the book – the joy, indeed – is in the dialogue and the creation of a parallel world, which makes sense in its own terms but is quite remote from anything resembling normality. Bertie is an airhead but a very decent one and, in a strange way, a humble and unpretentious one. Jeeves is comically erudite and the way in which so many things are implied and ironically presented is giddying.

Utterly brilliant. Toodle pip!


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